Community service is one of the best ways to help benefit the public or give back to your community. As we transition into the New Golden Age, lots of Truths will be reveled, disclosing majority of humanity have been living a lie. Created thorough mind control programming. Which gave a false feeling of Identity, freedom, good and bed, creating dependency of so called Government Services which harmed, killed and thieved hard earned wealth.

Humanity will need support and We, Ministry of Nature, are putting ourselves in Service to Humanity. Our Programs start by caring for everyone who joins our Team in what ever capacity desired or able to. This means making sure their human needs are all met, Including Paid Voluntary work. Ministry of Nature’s cause is to bring benefits and personal development to your life and family.

Community Service:

  • Giving back and assisting others as we have been assisted is the basis of community service and through your volunteering actions you begging to do what you Love, experiencing Abundance the more and more you give.

That there, is our main intention, being of service to Humanity for each Human to Act and Live from their Heart, doing what they Love and experiencing Abundance by doing so.

As we embark on our Service to Humanity lets expand our inner-standing on what is The Secret Magic of what it means to be of Service..

Enjoy as we open our heart consciousness to the gift of inner peace.