Our Vision is to bring humanity into a New Golden Age through the vibrating frequency of love. Love transmitted at the right frequency and vibration it will create energy in resonance to our state of being creating what we know as miracles.

This energies can present themselves as Heat, Sound, Color, Sensation and Vision.

The Sharing of Love without attachment of expectations is the most benevolent way to care for all living beings.

Humanity’s current state of mind and well-being is very much in need of love.

We would start by helping with all human survival needs met first, giving them the opportunity to take time before they embark into the layer/s of personal and family healing. The focus been in the sharing of love rather then Wealth, bringing a nourishing state of well-being. Giving them the space to begging the self-loving process they are so much in need, forming the foundation for self exploration, connection and expansion.

Ministry of Nature’s Community Centers throughout the Suburbs, State and Country will bring opportunities for Star-seeds, Humanitarians, Caring Loving Beings to come together and provide the ethical and moral love they have been desiring to give all along.

By focusing on Humanity’s Well-Being, Connection and Self Expression, we move onto expansion thrown educational courses, the exploration of truths and the sharing of Wealth which is rightfully Ours.

I feel the needs for everyone to have more then enough and begging experiencing the abundance awaiting them as we usher them into a secure comfortable life, with no dependency on others, giving the opportunity for self empowerment, experiencing and living as the Sovereign Being we all are.

We will archive this with our Boots on Ground Travelling Humanitarian Services followed by Loving Humanitarian Centers (LHC) which will be set up in every suburb, town, city through out the whole country.

As we are building the foundations for a self governed empowered Civilization, LHC will be the infrastructure which service, aids and support Human Life’s:

Security, Health, Education, Innovation, is a major step in ushering Humanity into Divine Creator’s Kingdom.

Filling positions and introducing a Lawful Judiciary System, Ethical Education, Wellness and Healing establishments bringing people to greater health, will be a huge inner-taking and with the help of all good hearted people already in each sector, this can be accomplished Seamless through collaboration will have a major part in the foundation of an ethical, innovative, moral Civilization.

Giving opportunities to every Human Living Man/Woman/Child to rise as a Sovereign Being and collectively create The New Golden Age on Earth.